Sekulić: Suggested Law on media a step backward

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Draft of the Law on media that will be discussed in the next session of the Parliament is definitely a step back in this area, Predrag Sekulić of DPS believes.

Sekulić spoke with MINA agency and said he believed the authors of the Law had a good intention.

„I am afraid that the draft can quickly go in the opposite direction”, he said.

Commenting on the regulations that regulate public sector, Sekulić said that their media appearances depend on the viewership, print and influence.

„The biggest ratings have media who report on entertainment industry, not politics. I think the idea is good, but the solutions are not expressed properly“, Sekulić said.

On the other hand, the draft is a part of the Agreement.

„And that presents a problem because the law suffers due to political interests”, Sekulić said.

According to him, the new law has an absurd normative, under which someone could get punished for writing false information with maximum of 4 average salaries in Montenegro.

„That is about 2 thousand EUR. So, anyone who can pay that amount, can write whatever they want on their front page and you can do nothing to stop them. He does not even have to publish a correction”, he was precise.

The question is whether public reputation of anyone in Montenegro is worth 2 000 EUR.

„I think this is only the continuation of what happened with practically legalizing slander, and I think this law will not be easy to implement, and it will go in the opposite direction of what is intended“, Sekulić said.

He is certain that the authors had a good intention, but suggest normatives are not reflective of that.

„On the contrary, we can find ourselves in a situation in which the media situation is even worse. I think this is a step back when it comes to media”, Sekulić said, adding that this is his personal opinion.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro