Selhanovic: Parents of autistic children are not supermen

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Children with autism are hyperactive and they need an all day long attention and care. That can be a problem for working parents, so experts think that forming a center that would deal with treatment and taking care of autistic persons is very necessary.

Disappearance of an eleven year old autistic boy Ognjen Rakocevic not only alarmed the whole country, but it also reopened the issue of problems that parents of children with autism are facing. One of them is also a president of the Association for help to children and persons with autism Tatjana Selhanovic, and in an interview to Dnevne newspaper she said that in spite of all the effort and will, parents of autistic children are not “supermen”, and that they often need help from professionals in raising their children. Autistic persons are often hyperactive which causes them to need a 24/7 attention which often makes other members of the household suffer, and divorces are a common occurence.

„However, there has never been understanding for opening a center because statistics always got in the way. Even now there isn’t a register of autistic persons. Interesting thing is that we talk about pretty much any and every thing in Montenegro, but never about mental diseases. People don’t have courage, ethics or humanity to tal about it”, sid Selhanovic.

Speech therapist in School directorate Anita Maric said that parents need professional support ever since the first symptoms of autism occur.

However, as she said, those that are on their own, often ask for help from experts with various backgrounds, they keep avoiding the thought of autism and in this search they lose precious time that would be dedicated particulalry to development of communication and interaction with the environment.

Because of this she emphasizes the need for forming a center that would provide all around access to treatment of autistic children.

„Frequency of autistic persons says enough about the necessity for the center for autism which would provide a multidisciplinary approach (pediatrician, neourologist, psychologist, psychotherapist, special educator and rehabilitator, speech therapist, pedagogue) to children and their parents”, concluded Maric.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro