Selling concession for the highway possible

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The government must act systematically in terms of consolidation of the expenditure and revenue side of the budget, finance minister Radoje Zugic has said and announced the possibility of selling the concession for the highway, by which the debt would be returned within Maastricht limits.

“The measures, as well as a detailed overview of the activities that the government has defined as a priority, will be included in the documents concerning the management of tax and public debt, which the Finance Ministry and other relevant authorities’ team is working on”, Zugic has said.

As stated by the ministry, Zugic has met the executive director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Menno Snel today and discussed the current economic trends and potential content of future cooperation before the spring meetings of this organization and the World Bank (WB) in Washington scheduled for the next week.

“Zugic has presented the most important financial and macro-economic parameters, but also pointed to the planned reform processes in government departments, the implementation of which will represent a significant fiscal support for the state budget”, it has been added in the statement.

Snel is aware of the fact that the government bases the strategy of further growth and development for the most on investments. He has emphasised the need for budgetary flexibility to ensure financial stability and sustainability.

Zugic and Snel have agreed that cooperation between the government and the IMF relies on a high degree of understanding, trust and continuous commitment to the implementation of activities of mutual interest.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro