Sending troops to a mission in the Sahara proposed

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The Defense and Security Council established the draft decision on deploying members of the Armed Forces of Montenegro (VCG) in the United Nations Mission in Western Sahara.

Two members of VCG are planned to be directed to the United Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara – MINURSO, with the possibility of their rotation.

The draft decision states that the Ministry of Defence will select the members of VCG for the deployment, conduct necessary preparation, training and equipping, as well as monitor and coordinate their engagement, in accordance with the law.

In the explanation of the draft decision, it has been stated that it is grounded in the Constitution, which stipulates that the Parliament of Montenegro shall decide on the engagement of VCG units in international missions.

It is added that Montenegro, after the restoration of independence in 2006, took over a part of the international commitments of the previous state union.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro