Serb Church in Montenegro Blasts Gay ‘Sinners’

30 Dec 14

Serb Church in Montenegro Blasts Gay ‘Sinners’

The Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro has again voiced its strongly homophobic views, saying gay ‘fornicators’ are guilty of an ‘unnatural sin’ – and slating the authorities for doing nothing to stop it.

Dusica Tomovic


In its annual statement issued on Sunday, the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral blasted “same-sex fornication” and implicity accused Montenegro’s pro-EU government of encouraging it.

In an address delivered ahead of Orthodox Christmas, the Church called on the parliament, government and all state institutions to stop “the aggressive propaganda for homosexuality” in the country.

It said its position on “same-sex sin” was completely clear and urged citizens to affirm their Christian identity and stand up for faith and morals.

“Such a sin, like any fornication and adultery, is a negation of the greatest human gift – the gift of birth,” the Serbian Orthodox Church said in a statement.

The Church, the largest faith group in Montenegro, has in the past condemned the government’s aim to financially and legally support gay rights.

It protested against all three Pride marchs held in Montenegro in 2013 and again this year in October, calling it a humiliation of both the country and the people.

After the Montenegro’s first gay parade in the resort of Budva in July 2013, an Orthodox priest re-consecrated the part of the town where the pride march took place in order to prevent “the disease from spreading”.

Months later, the Church organized a procession through the streets of the capital, Podgorica, to counter a gay parade.

A week ahead of the this year’s parade in Podgorica in October, the Church’s leading bishop in the country, Metropolitan Amfilohije, called the march “a parade of death and self-destruction.”

The Church has support for its homophobic views. Some surveys suggested that 71 per cent of adult citizens of Montenegro consider homosexuality an illness, and every second citizen agrees that homosexuality is a danger to society and that the state should work to suppress it.
Also, 67 per cent of citizens believe the church to be rightfully against homosexuality.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)