Serbia, Montenegro cooperation in cultural tourism

ZLATIBOR – The project entitled ‘Through culture and tourism to a better partnership’ will be completed by mid-October, during which reconstruction works should be finished in the church on Serbia’s Zlatibor Mountain and the Piva Monastery and the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Montenegro.

The project of international cooperation between Serbia and Montenegro is being implemented by the Tourist organization Zlatibor, the Diocese of Budimlje-Niksic of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Tourist organisation Pluzine in Montenegro.

Project manager and Director of the Tourist organization Zlatibor Arsen Djuric said that the project aims to improve the tourist offer in the international sector by identifying and revitalising cultural and historic monuments.

Kosta Dojic of the project team on behalf of the Diocese of Budimlje-Niksic underscored that the project will help additionally strengthen the ties between Serbia and Montenegro, adding that the Church is aware of the integrative processes and is ready to give its contribution to this end.

The project will cover the reconstruction of the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Bijelo Polje as the religious site for which the Miroslav Gospel was originally written, which is now one of the 100 most important documents on the UNESCO list, Dojic said and added that culture is an important segment of tourism and the Church has always been the main cultural harbinger in the territory of Serbia and Montenegro.

The reconstruction of the Piva Monastery is currently underway in the territory of Pluzine, as well as the renovation of the monastery at Scepan Polje in the Tara Canyon.

The project constitutes an important contribution to a more active valorisation of cultural and historical heritage in terms of tourism, Director of the Tourist organisation Pluzine Nedjeljko Jovovic said and added that tourism is a strategic development course in the Pluzine municipality.

The project is funded by the EU through the programme of cross-border cooperation between Serbia and Montenegro, and the total value of the project adds up to around EUR 469,000.

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)