Serbia wants MNE to enter EU as soon as possible

Chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dacic is satisfied with the cooperation that the organization has with Montenegro. That was his statement after the meeting with Montenegrin counterpart Igor Luksic. Dacic assessed that the Serbs and Montenegrins are fraternal peoples, saying that Belgrade wants Montenegro to join the European Union as soon as possible.

Dacic has arrived for an official visit to Montenegro, where he, as the the Chairman of the OSCE, spoke with Luksic on cooperation of the organization and Montenegro. Officials agreed that relations between the two countries where they are foreign ministers, are relaxed.

This is the first official visit of Dasic to Podgorica since he became chairman of the OSCE. After discussions with representatives of the OSCE Mission to Montenegro and Luksic, Dasic expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation.
He added that Serbia, during the presidency of this organization, will give full support to Montenegro.

“Our mission in Montenegro showed that a number of joint projects are realized, and that is the essence of the existence of the OSCE mission. I am pleased to say that we will give full support to Montenegro for what he has done so far, as well as for what remains to be done. As a priority during the presidency of the OSCE, Serbia set up the Western Balkans. This means regional cooperation between countries, so I would like to thank Montenegro, for signing the declaration of the International Commission on Missing Persons, “Dacic said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, Igor Luksic, said he was pleased that Serbia presides the OSCE. He also stressed satisfaction with the cooperation with the OSCE.

“Today we talked about issues concerning Serbian Chairmanship of the OSCE. Montenegro will provide full support to the Serbian presidency of this organization. This presidency happened in not such an easy time. In Europe, many challenges, both on the east and on the southern block and in this context, I believe that the priorities that the Serbian presidency defined will be successful. I expressed satisfaction with the cooperation with the OSCE Mission to Montenegro, “Luksic said.
He used the opportunity to welcome continuation of dialogue between Belgrade – Pristina.

“I want to give our support for the outcome of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. We believe that this is a step forward when it comes to solving problems, in order to acknowledge the ambition that this region reaches all European standards as soon as possible. Our expectations are that Serbia starts to open negotiating chapters as soon as possible, “Luksic said.
On the other hand, Dacic expressed satisfaction with bilateral relations between Montenegro and Serbia.
“I was always saying that we are fraternal nations, or we could be sisters, because the names of the countries in the feminine gender. I am pleased that relations between Serbia and Montenegro are completely relaxed over the last few years. We wish all the best to Montenegro, to become a member of the EU as soon as possible. We want the same for ourselves, “Dacic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro