Serbs from Kosovo responsible for Pristina’s failure to ratify demarcation agreement with Montenegro

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Well informed CDM’s sources from Pristina say that local authorities were ready and determined to ratify the demarcation agreement between Kosovo and Montenegro, signed in August last year in Vienna. According to information obtained by CDM, the stumbling block was the fact that in the last moment the head of the Serbian List caucus, Slavko Simic, said that 10 Serb MPs would not come to the Parliament, which automatically meant that there was no majority necessary for the ratification.

Strong police forces secured the Parliament building and almost the entire centre of Pristina, expecting the destruction and disruption of the Self Determination movement, Albin Kurti’s political party, which is struggling to annul the agreement for nearly a year.

The government did not annul the agreement and it should have been ratified in the Parliament on Thursday. However, the obstacle appeared suddenly, unexpectedly.

Two-thirds majority in the Kosovo Parliament is needed for the agreement to be ratified, ie 80 out of 120 MPs.

However, in the last moment, Simic said that 10 MPs representing Serbs in the Parliament would not attend the session and the voting. As a reason, he cited the attack against Serbs last Saturday in a village near Prizren and sudden visit that Kosovo president Hashim Thaci paid to northern Kosovo border crossing of Jarinje.

It turned out that the parliamentary majority could not be provided, so the Prime Minister Isa Mustafa could only withdraw the draft law on ratification.

“It is hard to say when the ratification will happen. Maybe soon, maybe not. Maybe in a month, two or three months. It depends on whether a majority in the Parliament is provided. Mustafa quite angrily said that the Kosovo Parliament would not allow to be blackmailed by a political group, absolutely referring to the Serbs”, the CDM’s source said.

According to the source, the international community will be disappointed by this move, but there will be no deterioration of relations between Montenegro and Kosovo.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro