Session of parliament forbidden for media

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The Parliament of Montenegro started today’s session with procedural responses on yesterday’s discussion.

Part of MPs reacted after photographers and cameramen were allowed to enter the hall which was not the case yesterday.

MP of the Democratic Front (DF) Milan Knezevic ironically said to Chairman Milutin Simovic to deny access to journalists.

“Mr. President, the journalists have entered. Something terrible can happen, throw them out immediately. Are we in danger, do we have reason to fear?” Knezevic said.

The DF MPs claim that yesterday’s session was broadcasted with a 30 seconds delay and that the public could not see their messages left to the prime minister.

Ranko Krivokapic said that transparency of the parliament’s work was abolished yesterday.

“What you did yesterday was neither agreement nor practice. This was the abolition of the Parliaments’s transparency,” Krivokapic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro