Several billion Euros needed for EU standards

To preserve the existing water quality and implementation of all directives and standards of the European Union (EU) in the area, several billions of Euros are needed, said the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Petar Ivanovic.

He said that the problem was keeping the quality of water that is decreasing due to industry, various pesticides and fertilizers, which makes it important to cooperate in order to maintain the current quality.

“The area of water belongs to the field of environment, which as well as Chapter 27 is under the competence of the Ministry of Tourism. I do not have any projections of how much it will all cost in total, but I dare to say that we are talking about billions of Euros needed in order to keep the quality at current level, and at this time we have better water than many EU countries, ” said Ivanovic to reporters at the conference Strenghtening the Capacities to Manage Water Resources.

The conference was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR).

Ivanovic said the Law on Water was adopted, and taken not only general, but also all the individual EU directives.

“This means that we pledged to have the same rules and standards and that part of the work is already completed. The application of each directive is always interesting, and experience shows that the average country that is now a member of the EU spent about six years in the implementation of General Directive for Water “, said Ivanovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro