She has Austrian passport but lives in Podgorica: "Why don’t you just run away from here?"

#AnjaZett #Who’SGerry


How often do you hear young people but even some older ones saying that they would leave the country right away if they had papers and a little money? CdM presents you a girl who has Austrian passport and a family waiting for her in Vienna, but she still chooses our Podgorica. Anja Zett is a linguist and is employed here as an foreign associate of the EU delegation. She’s also a lead singer of the band “Who’s Gerry”, as well as the manager of the building where she lives. Among other things, she told us what is her answer when people aske her: “Why don’t you just run away from here?!”

And in Montenegro she stayed because her volunteering in the embassy prolonged, and then in EU delegation in Podgorica too.

Cafe Del Montenegro