Shuica: Non-recognition of election results is unacceptable

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Representative of the Croatian Democratic Union in the European Parliament, Dubravka Shuica, says the non-acceptance of election results would be unacceptable for the EU because Montenegro is so very close to membership.

In an interview with Dnevne Novine daily, Mrs. Shuica underlined the European Commission confirmed the regularity of Montenegrin elections:

“I do not want to speculate, but I believe it is now important for Montenegro to constitute the new composition of its Parliament, as soon as possible, and to draw up a stable government that will continue to keep the country safe through the Euro-Atlantic integration. Also, I believe that it will benefit the citizens of Montenegro, its neighborhood, and Europe in general”, Shuica said for DN.

She added Montenegro must use the next few months for speeding up economic and political reforms, primarily in the area of ​​rule of law.

“This is the area in which Brussels and the European Parliament want to see the government in Podgorica show special commitment and, most importantly, tangible, measurable and concrete results. Therefore, failing to accept election results would be unacceptable, both for the leadership of the European Union and for the Member States, because Montenegro is a country closest to EU membership of all the candidate countries conducting negotiations on the membership”, Shuica explained.

She also stressed that the citizens of Montenegro elected their MPs and councilors in both parliamentary and local elections in a peaceful and orderly manner, using the reformed legal framework. This was confirmed by the European Commission, the elections were followed by international observers who have been accredited with the State Election Commission.

“Representatives of the OSCE assessed in the initial reports of the election observation mission that the parliamentary elections were conducted in an atmosphere of competitiveness, but respecting fundamental freedoms. They also noted positive changes and said a genuine willingness to improve the process and the general situation in the country was apparent”, the MEP said adding that those irregularities that have been observed must be fully investigated and clarified.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro