Sign of the return of the USA to the Balkans

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US Vice-President Pence’s visit to Montenegro marks the return of the United States to the Balkans, writes the Moscow daily Kommersant.

The newspaper states that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1905, there have been no visits to Montenegro at such a high level from Washington.

Kommersant also writes that Pence is one of the key figures in the administration of President Donald Trump. The daily states that the direction of the US’s return to the Balkans was also indicated – through the expansion of the Alliance, and Montenegro was chosen as the newest member.

This thesis is confirmed by the statement of the USA State Department envoy Hoyt Brian Jee.

“We are taking steps to strengthen the Western Balkan countries in the fight against the negative influence of Russia or any other country. We want to make sure that Russia or some other country will have a hard time influencing foreign and domestic politics in the Balkans,” Jee said in an interview for ” Voice of America “.

Kommersant announces that Pens will take part in the US-Adriatic summit in Podgorica on August 2.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro