Significant progress in the rule of law area

Montenegro has made great progress in Euro-Atlantic integration after the restoration of independence, said the secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.

At the meeting of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) with representatives of Montenegrin institutions in Cetinje said that Montenegro , in close cooperation with NATO, from 2006 reformed the army and security services.

“In the few years that have passed since independence, Montenegro has made great progress in Euro-Atlantic integration,” said Stoltenberg,

These services, he assessed, have not been maximized, but have become better, “more professional and more ready to respond to modern challenges.”

According to Stoltenberg, during today’s meeting of the NAC, it was acknowledged what Montenegro has made in the field of rule of law and regarding the issue of public support for joining the Alliance.

“Important steps forward have been made in the rule of law. New laws were created, and new bodies. Now it is important that Montenegro shows that the new system works and that it makes real results, “said Stoltenberg.

“This working visit provides an opportunity for representatives of the 28 Member States to assess progress of Montenegro by themselves. They will not only hear it from the government, but also from the Parliament, and we have invited all those who have doubts about Montenegro’s membership to engage in the discussion, “said Stoltenberg.

He said that in the NATO, as the alliance of democracies, it is normal to hear different opinions.

“Every member of NATO has equal voice. Alliance provides the security and prosperity of its members. Safety is often, he added, taken “for granted”, but without it, little else can be done, “concluded Stoltenberg.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro