Similarities between Trump and Milošević

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There were talks of rebirth during the 80s, a promise that Serbia will be great again and that other would not develop on its account, after it makes clear bloody borders with its neighbours. This talk is now reappearing in US in the person of Donald Trump. This is an opinion given to CdM by professor at Boston University Vesko Grčević. He says that democracy has no ways to stop dictators because it is created to give a chance to everyone, but dictators, on the other hand, know how to diminish democracy. Here are the reasons Slobodan Milošević and Donald Trump are similar.

Hungarian philosopher Paul Tabori wrote a book in 1959 called “History of Human Stupidity”, saying that wisdom is a rare occurrence in human beings, Garčević said. He added that it has always seemed to him as if people only confirmed this theory. New episodes in this series are currently being made in the US.

“Simply, I have no other explanations for the phenomenon known as Donald Trump. He confirms that demagogy, hatred, absurd and extremes can always find fertile ground even if they are grotesque in nature. How else would we explain the fascination with a man who wants to “make America great again”, by cleaning it of unwanted foreigners, among which a special place is held by Mexican or Muslim immigrants, that all seem to be connected to terrorism somehow. Not a day goes by without some brilliant new solution showing up. The more shocking, the better, the more popular it becomes. When politics become a farce, the history takes a turn Paul Tabori wrote about, even in the countries where you would least expect it”, he said.

He said he had a strange feeling of deja-vu listening to Trump’s speeches and messages.

“I have remembered the great rebirth of the 80s in Serbia, people’s awakening from a long communist dream, and a message that Serbia will yet again be great and proud, not repeating the mistakes of the past. But first it would need to settle the bill with its neighbours. I remembered bloody lines of divides, brilliant ideas and maleficent suggestions for resolving national matters, crazy promises and excited screams “our time has finally come”, Garčević said.

Political and economical context, he adds, creates similar ideas and historical stage for people such as Trump or Milošević.

“The scene is usually prepared with an economic crisis, with subsequent additions of political and social instability, strengthened distrust in the political elite believed to have created present situation”, Garčević states.

Then, out of nowhere, a “hero” with “fresh”, demagogically simple solutions for complicated matters appears.

„It is enough to superficially take a look at present situation in Europe and conclude that the number and popularity of those similar to Trump is rising. Yugoslavia, or Serbia in the 80s, was not an exception, but a rule, that theater shows that begin with disbelievement end in tears and tragedy. Unfortunately, democracy has no means to stop the dictators because it is created to give a chance to everyone. But dictators know how to stop democracy”, Garčević said.

He added that Europe’s history in 20th century is the best example of this.

“Many say that the world is at the brink of writing a new page of insanity today, adding the pages to Tabori’s book. As an optimist, I hope that the madness can be stopped. Presidential elections in the US can be a chance to push the genie back in the bottle where it belongs”, he concludes.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro