Simonovic: We rely on the water polo team; we must support women’s handball team

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The president of the National Olympic Committee of Montenegro (COK), Dusan Simonovic, believes that Montenegro water polo national team can beat Hungary in the quarterfinals. He also pointed out that the women’s handball national team needed support.

Simonovic told Montenegrin reporters in Rio de Janeiro that he believes in the “sharks” although they got the most difficult opponent in the quarterfinals.

“Now we are focused on water polo team and its game against Hungary on Tuesday. We got a brilliant opponent, probably the best team in this tournament. I think our guys can win that game. I think we showed that we are good in defence… Let it be as in Belgrade when we beat them”, Simonovic said.

As for the women’s handball team, he pointed out that the “lionesses” needed support that they had deserved by achieving great results in the previous period.

“I’m sorry about the girls, I spoke to them. I told them that we are with them and that there are ups and downs in sport. They achieved great results many times and we will never forget that. We need to support them this time and I believe they will make good results again… The handball alliance should draw a good lesson and to make a good and accurate analysis. It is important to discover the key things, to change what was wrong and turn to future competitions”, Simonovic said.

He spoke about efforts Montenegrin team invests in Rio, adding that it faces numerous problems.

“We are working in terribly difficult circumstances. What our mission is doing in the Olympic Village, but also outside it, is incredible. We have a few drivers who do amazing things. No one dares to use metro or taxi any longer. But they manage to do all the work. It would be impossible without people who work in this mission. I would like to thank them”, Simonovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro