Simović and Mustafić on NATO: Referendum possible only with political agreement

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Vice Presidents of the Parliament Milutin Simović and Suljo Mustafić responded to questions posed on social networks accounts for Sigurna budućnost, saying that the referendum on NATO could happen if political agreement is achieved.

Communication team of Council for NATO membership uses social networks to communicate with citizens about EU integration, and one of its tools are QA sessions. In this round, withiN Facebook campaign NATO Montenegro – Sigurna budućnost, citizens’ questions were answered by two Vice Presidents of the national Parliament.

“NATO membership is the interest of Montenegro and all its citizens. More than that, it is a road for the whole region, that has showed through history some ingrained destability”, Simović said.

Simović said that the matter of NATO membership is not a matter of leadership or the opposition, or any other political party.

“This was demonstrated when we passed the Resolution on Montenegro integration to NATO Support with almost two thirds of the votes – both from the leadership and the opposition”, Simović said.

Vice President of the Parliament Suljo Mustafić answered to a matter of faith, ie how can he support NATO that presumably intervenes in Islamic countries, saying that this Alliance have never intervened in Iraq, nor in Syria.

“First NATO operation in its history was in BiH after the Dayton Agreement. It was called SFOR – forces for stabilization. This operation was not turned against Muslims, but on the contrary, it was support by Muslims in BiH because it has ensured peace and cease of the war activities. Operation in Afghanistan – ISAF – was conducted on the invitation of Afghanistan’s Government, in accordance with the decision of United Nations Security Council,” Mustafić underlined.

This entails, he said, the fact that all of the member countries of Security Council supported this action, including Russia.

“Many countries of Islamic world also took part in this action – United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco, Azerbaijan. Operation in Libya was also supported by the Security Council, Russia included. Morocco, UAE, Qatar and Jordan also took part. We should point out that Turkey, one of the most important countries of Islamic world, is also a member of NATO and it is very influential in the international waters”, Mustafić added.

Communication team of Council for NATO membership said that the fact that there are so many people interested in asking questions proof that NATO themes intrigue the public, and this is surely one of the ways everyone interested can learn on those subjects related to our country’s integration road to EU.

“Vice Presidents of the Parliament answered to citizens’ personal questions, among which there were many ingrained in stereotypes, such as questions on referendum. Difference was made between legal and political aspects, because our Constitution does not demand a referendum, but it is possible to happen if there is political agreement”, they said.

Vice Presidents pointed out that the support for NATO membership means support to some of the most important values: peace and safety, territorial integrity and sovereignty, further improvement of the rule of law and democracy, protection of human and minority rights, lifestyle improvement of individuals and society in general, regional stability and EU integration.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro