Simovic called on Katnic to investigate where DF got money from

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Deputy speaker of Parliament and high-ranking official of the Democratic Party of Socialists DPS), Milutin Simovic, has called on the special state prosecutor to investigate the sources of financing the Democratic Front (DF) campaign, saying that the political alliance is conducting brutal campaign that violates the law.

“What do the state institutions do? The law is violated! Where are DF’s giro account and fifteen day reports? DF has not done that yet. I am calling on the special state prosecutor to address these issues and money sources”, Simovic said in Pink M TV show “U Zizi” (In the Focus) which was aired last night, Dnevne Novine reported.

According to MP Predrag Bulatovic, there is nothing disputable if the state institutions checked method of financing his party. He said that with the clear programme consisting of 707 measures, DF has a vision how to improve living standard in Montenegro.

“We will submit our candidates list tonight and show our finance records. Each constituent of the alliance is available to state authorities to review each document. We are funded in accordance with the law and let the authorities see that”, said Bulatovic.

Simovic has no doubt that DF programme is “a farce”.

“Last DF programme had instruction manual. This time, they do not have a programme, but they are ‘throwing a smoke ball’. They are increasing the number to 707. It’s only the fog… they do not have any programme. Here is one measure – housing prices will be €1 per square meter. That’s a fairy tale”, Simovic added.

Genci Nimabegu said that his alliance will strive for unity and that they had no instructions from Albania and Kosovo, adding that the message sent to citizens must be human, not what “populist” wants to be heard.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro