Simović: Citizens will defend their state

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Election campaigning so far has proven that these elections will not be about which party gains trust, but it will be an opportunity to see real values that the citizens appreciate in the future of their state, said Milutin Simović, vice president of the Parliament and official of DPS when speaking to Pobjeda daily.

DPS support is steadily growing, research shows.

“This is a confirmation of seriousness and quality of our electoral program, that guarantees stability, security, multi-ethnical peace, integration, economy, employment opportunities, better education, health and social system, life standard, all in all, more prosperous Montenegro”, he said.

DPS opponents, on the other hand, are a destructive force against the state, that has a goal of destabilizing the country and put it in a submissive position to other countries.

“Opposition initiated and actively participated in the writing of a new set of electoral laws, in order to prevent abuses. And what happened? Those who complained about transparency in the campaigns did not fulfil their obligations according to law. This was not an accident. They are trying to hide funding sources for their aggressive, brutal, primitive and dishonest campaign aimed against DPS and our leader. DF is a clear example of a campaign being funded outside of Montenegro, against our Constitution. They are marionetes lead by someone else”, Simović believes.

Big coalition Ključ is only big in their name.

“Both Democrats and SDP say they would join DF. They also swear they would not cooperate with DPS, although no invitation was extended. Those who swore to protect Montenegro, now are silent. Those type of politics will not be accepted by Montenegro”, Simović said.

Opposition afraid of defeat

Commenting on DF announcements that they will not accept the defeat and and that they will gather in front of the Parliament, Simović said that they are afraid of losing.

“Clearly their dishonest campaign is not giving results, so they are planning an exit strategy. Aware of their upcoming defeat, they will deny the fairness of elections. They will blame anyone but themselves”, Simović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro