Simović: Failed attempt of media coup for the opposition

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Milutin Simović, Chief of Representatives’ Club of DPS reacted to allegations that DPS is at fault for not holding a session of Committee for political system, called for consultations on opposition’s suggestion on Law on the media. He said that the Agreement on free and fair elections does not endanger DPS, but that the opposition three is angry because their media coup on the political scene failed.

“DPS is not endangering the Agreement. The Agreement is endangered by those who want to change the Law on the media without any communication with other signatories and media community.They failed to communicate with the media community, with regulation bodies, with state institutions and European Commission. If someone believes that there are changes to be made in media, that can not be rushed and without wide public discussion, with everyone involved participating”, Simović said for Dnevne Novine daily.

Simović said that the representatives of DPS helped put the Law on Media on the Parliament’s schedule, and demonstrated responsible relation to the Agreement.

“For passing such a demanding law, there needs to be more dialogue and consultations, which is DPS’s goal. Consultations need to be prepared, not rushed”, Simović said.

Simović said that the lack of democratic standards and procedures in preparation of the Law are suggest doubt in the intentions of the opposition three.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro