Simovic: Opposition to agree on a single list

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Prime minister Milo Djukanovic has received two opposition lists of candidates for ministers in the future reconstructed government. One of the lists has been submitted by Social Democratic Party (SDP), Demos and URA Civic Movement, the other one has been submitted by Socialist People’s Party (SNP), the head of the caucus of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Milutin Simovic, said.

According to Simovic, it is a proof where the distrust hides.

“This process is supposed to be preceded by a communication among the opposition parties. How it comes that after all those painstaking talks with DPS, it turns out that there is a problem among them? We have two lists and a potential blocking of the process”, he said.

Simovic added that the process should be resolved through a dialogue and agreement. However, he did not directly answer whether Djukanovic has a chance to select ministers from both lists or he must opt for only one of them.

“The prime minister will decide about that. It is stipulated by the constitutional jurisdiction related to government reshuffle. Meanwhile, agreement among the opposition parties themselves is preferable”, said Simovic.

He denied accusations by a part of the opposition that the whole thing was arranged by DPS and one opposition party.

“When there is a problem among certain parties in the opposition block, then they blame DPS for that too. Citizens do not buy that any more”, Simovic concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro