Simović: The agreement reached during Collegium must stand

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Chief of Representatives’ Club of DPS Milutin Simović expects the Parliament to carry on with the session tomorrow in accordance with the agreement reached during the Collegium on Friday, adding that any sort of deviation would demonstrate that someone wants to slow down the work of the Parliament and disable the implementation of political Agreement on free and fair elections.

“We have all agreed, including DF and President Ranko Krivokapić, that the session should continue with the discussion on the reconstruction of the Government, accepting the fact that the Prime Minister Milo Đukanović has submitted his suggestions for the members of the Government, and the fact that he has come on Friday to explain his suggestions, but was prevented from doing so due to the verbal attack of DF representatives. So, the agreement was reached on Friday, and any further deviation will be taken as an attempt to slow down the work of the Parliament, passing of Lex Specialis and restructuring the Government”, Simović said.

Prime MInister has fulfilled his constitutional obligations

When asked about his take on Krivokapić’s statement on Saturday night on TV Vijesti, that said that “representatives of the Government must come to fulfill their constitutional obligations, to defend their suggestions on the new members”, Simović said that the statement deviates from the agreement reached on Friday.

“Prime Minister has fulfilled his obligations – he as submitted the suggestion, came to the session to defend it, and then got verbally attacked in front of the whole Montenegrin public. After that, the session has been cut short, and the request of the Prime Minister and members of the Government to continue the session was denied by Krivokapić, who called a recess, after which the Prime Minister has left the building. The next step was a meeting of the Collegium that lasted for 6 hours. My suggestion to continue the session was unanimously accepted. DPS believes that this is the only solution for those who wish to create conditions for the implementation of the political Agreement. Why has Mr Krivokapić changed his mind from Friday to Saturday is a question for him”, Simović said.

Chief of the Representatives’ Club of DPS reminded that DPS and its president Đukanović have demonstrated productivity, rationality and efficiency during the whole process of negotiations on creating conditions for free and fair elections.

“DPS has started this conversation, DPS wants it to go faster. Everyone who cares about implementing the political Agreement as soon as possible, should look for the fault for slowing down somewhere else”, he said.

DPS to initiate Radulović’s replacement tomorrow

Simović said that representatives of DPS would submit an initiative for the replacement of Branko Radulović from the function of the Vice President, due to his rude and inappropriate behaviour.

“DPS has prepared an initiative to replace Radulović, as we announced yesterday. The relationship other representatives will have with this initiative will demonstrate many things“, Simović concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro