Simović: We have been negotiating for months, but they manipulating again

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Day after President Filip Vujanović scheduled parliamentary elections for October 16th of this year, the public could hear a part of NGO sector and some political subjects saying that public and transparent discussion should have lead to deciding on the date. Vuk Maraš from MANS was the first to speak saying that DIK and Agency for preventing corruption are not ready yet. Minister in the Government of electoral trust Goran Danilović said that Ministry of Interior Affairs is not ready either.

After their statements that fell flat in the public, the same matter was brought up during a session of Collegium of President of the Parliament. The matter was voiced by the opposition three.

Chief of Club of Representatives of DPS Milutin Simović said that he could not believe it when he heard this matter again.

„For four months, negotiations between the leadership and opposition have been going on, and the result was political Agreement on free and fair elections, then Lex Specialis that was the basis of opposition joining Government and public companies. After four months of consultations that gave results, the President scheduled the elections. They are dissatisfied again. It is unbelievable”, Simović said to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily.

He underscored that during the last session the representatives of opposition even claimed that the consultations for election dates were a part of the Constitution. They have probably mixed up their articles of the Constitution, because they have misread Article 95 that states that the President can ask for consultations in certain cases, and ask for opinions from the Parliament. This is the obligation of the President before he names candidates for the Government, Constitution Court and Protector of human rights and liberties.

„President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović demonstrated responsibility for the results of the dialogue, that were achieved through Agreement on free and fair elections and Lex Specialis. The story of a need for wider consultations on the date of elections is nothing but yet another attempt of manipulating the public and attempting to prolong the date of elections”, Simović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro