Since last night Podgorica smells badly – the authorities do not know the reason and citizens have two theories

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A large number of Podgorica residents complained to CDM because the unpleasant odours have been spreading throughout the city since last night. The portal has been contacted by fellow citizens from all Podgorica neighbours – Momisici, Stari Aerodrom, centre, Preko Morace – and everyone felt “a sharp stench but did not know where it was coming from”. Competent authorities do not yet know the cause of the odour and citizens have two theories – a truck carrying chicken faeces overturned or illegal dump sites.

CDM contacted the Environment Protection Agency and it directed the journalist to the department for nature protection, monitoring, analysis and reporting. The agency was explicit – their apparatus for measuring the level of air pollution did not show anything suspicious.

“Our instruments did not register any type of air pollution or Agency for increased levels of particulate matter”, Gordana Djukanovic, an independent consultant for air quality, told CDM.

Ask whether they felt odours, she replied affirmatively.

“We felt the odours but we thought that was a local problem in a certain neighbourhood”, Djukanovic said.

She suggested that we call later after she checks whether some additional tests were carried out. However, when CDM journalist called again, there was no response from the agency.

Chicken manure or dumpsites

Residents of Podgorica who talked to CDM reporter have two theories – according to the first one, truck carrying chicken manure overturned near Bogetici and cars spread the faeces over Niksic and Podgorica on their tyres.

Another theory says that the odour comes from burning illegal dumps in the outskirts of Podgorica.

However, the Police Directorate stated it has no information that any truck overturned near Bogetici or that someone lit illegal dumps.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro