Sinđelić questioned in Belgrade: Confidential

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Serbian investigators questioned yesterday a Serbian national Aleksandar Sinđelić, on the suspicion that he, along with former commander of Serbian Gendarmerie Bratislav Dikić, organized the attempted terrorist attack on the night of parliamentary elections in Montenegro, Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily learns.

Sinđelić was questioned on the warrant of Montenegrin Special State Prosecution and with their cooperation. His statement will be forwarded to Montenegro in accordance with international legislation, before there are conditions for his arrest and expedition.

According to unofficial information, Serbian leadership is gathering intelligence on their territory, that will prove relevant in confiring suspicions and evidence that Montenegrin citizens, police and prime minister were supposed to be the victims of bloodshed on several locations in Podgorica.

Sinđelić’s statement is being kept confidential while the investigation is ongoing.

WN learns that he is under control and supervision of Serbian authorities.

Speculations point to the fact that uniforms of Montenegrin police were found, along with drone, money, ropes, etc.

This information confirms previously published transcripts between Sinđelić and the suspects, who were supposed to follow his instructions in this plan from hell.

Special State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnić stated as much, adding that bloodshed was prevented on the day of elections.

Katnić said that he has documented evidence for his claims.

Although a significant part of the public did not take this process seriously, we remind that this terrorist attack was planned in such a way to cause riot in front of the Parliament, shooting at people as Montenegrin police, and inspiring them to take over the building.

One of the groups, unavailable to Montenegrin authorities, had a task of arresting prime minister Đukanović.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić said that they had a plan to kill Đukanović, and that he was closely monitored. Similar fate was supposed to fall on special forces, in order to prevent their interference. Vučić claims that this scenario would lead to destabilization of the state and conflict of unimagined size.

Not running

Aleksandar Sinđelić is suspected of organizing criminal group with an intent to take over the Parliament on October 16th, along with Dikić.

Dikić and 19 collaborators were arrested on the day of elections, while Sinđelić remained free.

He managed however to post on Serbia Today portal saying that he is not running, but that he is in Belgrade and that he had not visited Montenegro since 2002.

Sinđelić denied his friendship with Dikić, nut he revealed that he knew of the plan and that Dikić and his team “are going to help the brothers”.

Dikić and Sinđelić on opposing sides

Dikić and Sinđelić were involved in another rebel action ten years ago.

In 2014, Serbian media wrote of riot in Niš jail in 2006, that was organized by Sinđelić, who was a prisoner at the time, while Dikić commanded the breaking of riots as a chief of Gendarmerie.

“Do you hear, Sinđelić? I guarantee you no beating, just proceed in peace”, Dikić promised then. On the recording you can see prisoners leaving calmly. However, he did not keep his promise, because after the riot, 38 prisoners asked for doctor’s help. Dikić’s actions cost Niš courts to pay 134.500 EUR in damages to the prisoners who were beaten.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro