Sindjelic in remand prison up to 30 days

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Serbian citizen Aleksandar Sindjelic is to be remanded in prison for up to 30 days, the investigative judge of the High Court in Podgorica Miroslav Basovic decided. Sindjelic was arrested in secret in Belgrade two days ago and brought to Podgorica under special security measures by an aircraft of Montenegrin state bodies.

The arrest of Sindjelic, one of the organisers of the group suspected of attempting to commit terrorist attacks on PM Milo Djukanovic, police officers and citizens of Montenegro, was carried out upon the order from Montenegro.

Few days ago, Dnevne Novine newspaper reported that Sindjelic had been questioned in Belgrade. However, the competent authorities of the two countries were preparing his extradition based on an Interpol warrant in accordance with the relevant bilateral agreement. When all the necessary requirements for Sindjelic’s extradition were fulfilled, Serbian police officially handcuffed him. He was transported to the prison in Spuz yesterday morning.

Sindjelic denies the charges?

According to unofficial information, during the hearing in Serbia Sindjelic denied the charges Montenegrin investigators pressed against him. It remains to be seen how convincing his claims are and whether he will insist on them during the hearing in the Montenegrin Special Prosecutor’s Office when faced with the evidence.

Despite the pressure and suspicion coming from a part of the public, chief special prosecutor Milivoje Katnic did not officially revealed any piece of evidence he collected against Sindjelic and former Serbian Gendarmerie commander Bratislav Dikic.

According to Katnic, terrorist groups were supposed to successively enter Montenegro and firstly to cause an incident in front of the Parliament building, where supporters of the Democratic Front were expected to gather. Then, they planned to infiltrate in the Montenegrin police and start shooting at crowd. Under this scenario, it would be easy to urge the revolted people to violently enter the Parliament building.

One of the groups, which is not available to Montenegrin security bodies, was tasked with capturing Prime Minister Djukanovic, no matter where he was at that time.

Unlike Katnic, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic went a step further in reporting the facts, claiming that the terrorists had planned to liquidate Djukanovic and constantly tracked his movements.

One of the terrorist groups allegedly intended to ambush and kill the members of special forces after they left their camp in Zlatica.

This scenario (which includes, as Vucic said, the undisputed foreign elements) would lead to a destabilisation of the state and fatal conflict of uncontrollable proportions.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro