Slovakia ratified NATO accession protocol too

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The Parliament of Slovakia ha ratified the protocol on Montenegro’s accession to NATO today with 78 votes.

Slovakia is the fourth state to ratify the protocol, following Hungary, Slovenia and Iceland.

In his opening speech, minister of foreign affairs of Slovakia Miroslav Lajcak said that voting for the protocol was a sign that Slovakia was committed to an open door policy, Radio Antena M reported.

“Montenegro has met all the conditions required and made a significant progress ten years after restoring independence. After the ratification is finished, Montenegro will become a full member of NATO, which will contribute to stability of the Western Balkans”, Lajcak said.

Montenegro will be remembered in the region for the fact that it was successful in the most difficult periods, Lajcak said.

“Montenegro’s reforms are obvious – it is a stable country both in social and economic terms”, ​​Lajcak said in the Slovak parliament.

During the discussion, some Slovak MPs raised concerns – mostly opponents of NATO who expressed worries about the alliance, but also about the way in which Montenegro planned to become a member state.

MP Boris Kolar, head of We are Family, commented on Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic:

“When you go to Google and enter Milo Djukanovic, you are offered articles of foreign media who write about him as a mobster and associate him with cigarettes smuggling and criminals from other countries. Do we want that in our alliance? I am going to vote against entering of such a mafia state into the alliance”.

His party colleague Peter Pcolinsky also mentioned DF protests.

“Thousands of people protested because they do not want to enter the alliance, they want a referendum in which the people will decide about that matter”, Pcolinsky said.

Marian Kotleba, the leader of Our Slovakia party, who is openly against the EU, NATO and the United States, said that NATO sought only complete control over the Adriatic coast and that Montenegro was the only missing puzzle to meet that goal.

“You do not have to be an expert to realise why there is a desire to accept Montenegro to the alliance so quickly and without referendum. Also you do not have to be an expert in international relations to know that such a move will tighten US-Russian relations”, Kotleba stated.

Ondrej Dostal, MP for the Freedom and Solidarity Party, announced that the Slovak opposition should not interfere in the internal affairs of any country.

“Montenegro is able to decide on its own about joining international organisations. The issue of whether it will do it in a referendum or not is beyond out concern”, said Dostal.

In his closing argument, Lajcak said that the debate was not about Montenegro, but about the divisions within the Slovak parliament related to NATO.

“The majority decided that we should be a member of the alliance, which proved to be the right decision. Montenegro is the theme of today’s discussion. It is clear that Montenegro strives, or that the majority in Montenegro strives to become NATO member state and to meet European standards. The MPs of the Montenegrin DF sent you a letter demanding not to support this document today. Let me call on you not to interfere in Montenegro’s internal politics. It would be best to support the accession protocol”, Lajcak said.

Out of 104 MPs present, 78 supported the protocol, 17 were against, 8 of them abstained and one MP did not vote.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro