Slovakia to support Montenegro in its integrations

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Slovakia will preside over European Union for the next half a year, and it will fully support Montenegro in its integration, said ambassador of this country Roman Hlobenj, who met Vice Prime Minister Petar Ivanović today.

Ivanović and Hlobenj agreed that Montenegro needs to catch up to European standard and develop its economy, as do other Western Balkan countries.

Ambassador Hlobenj congratulated Montenegro on opening two more negotiation chapters pertaining to agriculture.

It is a great success, that would be impossible without quality effort on the part of Montenegrin institutions.

He added that Brussels administration is well aware of the results achieved in the last three years.

Ambassador added that a basis for success in negotiations process is political stability, that leads to progress in economy, and Montenegro is a good example of this path.

“EU is currently facing difficult moments due to Brexit, but this event cannot stop EU’s expansion. Slovakia will aim to preserve EU’s credibility and expansion dynamics”, the ambassador concluded.

Vice Prime Minister Ivanović expressed satisfaction at good bilateral relations of Montenegro and Slovakia, saying that Montenegro greatly appreciates the support and understanding of a country who has made such a significant economic progress within EU.

Ivanović said he expects to see Montenegro open a few more significant chapters while Slovakia is presiding EU.

“In this way, not only our friendship is confirmed, but we send a clear message about expansion politics. Tireless work and understanding leads to success”, Ivanović concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro