Slovenia ratified the protocol too; Pajovic: A great day for Montenegro and the region!

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Slovenia’s parliament has voted overwhelmingly to ratify the Montenegro’s NATO Accession Protocol today. The ceremonial session was attended by the Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro, Darko Pajovic.

The session of the Parliament was opened by the Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar.

After he welcomed the delegation of the Parliament of Montenegro, Cerar said that the county’s accomplishments in just ten years after restoring independence were impressive in all areas, including accession to Euro-Atlantic structures.

He added that Montenegro was a reliable and credible partner, which contributed to regional and international security and represented a role model for other candidate countries.

“The membership of Montenegro in NATO is an important step for strengthening stability in the strategically important region”, he said.

Closing the session, the Speaker of Slovenia’s National Assembly, Milan Brglez, said that this was Montenegro’s success and congratulated its citizens.

Pajovic thanked the Slovenian MPs who made the decision, thus confirming that Montenegro had its place in the West.

He added that Slovenia always was a true friend and a partner to Montenegro, adding that it also became Montenegro’s partner today.

He pointed out that this was a great day not only for Montenegro, but also for the entire region and a message of lasting peace and stability in the Western Balkans.

“For us, NATO does not represent only a political or military issue. Joining NATO is an issue of identification with Western civilisation”, Pajovic said.

He added that in the past Montenegro was always a progressive country when it strived towards the West and Western values.

“Membership in NATO and later in the EU represents Montenegro’s final and ultimate political acts by which we will confirm our commitment to build a fair, competitive and strong society according to Western standards and the principles of democracy the whole Western civilisation is based on. As a credible and reliable partner, Montenegro showed political wisdom and responsibility in addressing its internal challenges in a peaceful and democratic way”, Pajovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro