Smuggled cigarettes worth € 60,000

In a joint action “Haj nehaj” , aimed at combating shadow economy, Montenegrin police and customs officials yesterday arrested RB (40) from Kolasin, residing in Bar, and S.D. (52) from Niksic, residing in Podgorica, on suspicion of having committed the crime of smuggling and thus acquiring unlawful material gain in the amount of 60,000 euros.

Joint statement of the police department and customs states that a month long campaign “Haj nehaj” of the the Department for Combating Economic Crime, in cooperation with officials of the Police Department Bar and Police Department Podgorica, the Customs Authority Anti-Smuggling Department and with coordination by the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Bar.

R.B. And S.D. organized a network of dealers or directly sold cigarettes in the territory of Montenegro. They purchased cigarettes at the unofficial market and sold them regardless of legally stipulated – legal flows and thus acquired unlawful material benefit in the amount of about 60,000 euros.

A number of persons suspected to be involved in this network had been prosecuted in the earlier period.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro