SNP asks for Bošković’s replacement: He banished cyrillics from schools

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Socialist People’s Party SNP will start an initiative to check Government’s work in education and within this initiative it will ask that the Minister of Education Predrag Bošković be replaced.

“We think that the Minister Bošković needs to be replaced. He was supposed to fight for constitutional norm of elementary education being free, through providing conditions for all children to get free textbooks, but he decided to work to banish cyrillics from schools, making lists of those who ask that their diplomas be written in cyrillics. Instead of worrying about schools in Montenegro having proper heating systems, he decided to change diplomas to latinic letters”, said Snežana Jonica, SNP representative.

Minister Bošković participated in illegal elections of headmasters of schools.

“He cared less about candidate’s qualifications than party membership”, they claim in SNP.

According to them, Bošković did not do anything to stop “reforms” of high education being implemented by Radmila Vojvodić.

“By replacing a bad system with a worse one, they want to stimulate students to leave state university, and to push them to private faculties”, Jonica said.

This initiative needs to be signed by 27 representatives, so SNP will deliver it on June 15th to representatives of DF, and to Miodrag Lekić, Zoran Miljanić, Mladen Bojanić, Novica Stanić, Dritan Abazović, Miloš Konatar.

“If we get enough signatures, the initiative will be swiftly put into Parliament’s procedure, so we can discuss it before the end of regular sessions”, Jonica said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro