SNP crisis: Jonica the only one standing by Milić

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President of SNP Srdan Milić has lost the majority in the Club of representatives. The only one standing by him was Snežana Jonica, Pobjeda reports.

Club of representatives of SNP has 6 members, which are Milić, Jonica and Aleksandar Damjanović, Danko Sarančić, Danijela Marković and Radosav Nišavić.

Pobjeda learns that Milić is counting on a majority at the Steering Committee, that according to SNP’S Statute, can rise the question of vote of confidence to the president of the party. However, the session of the Committee has not been scheduled yet.

Crisis in the party has been ongoing since Congress held by the end of 2014. It was started by Aleksandar Damjanović, who revealed the details of an informal meeting where officials of this party asked for Milić’s resignation to the public. Damjanović was a candidate against Milic at the last Congress, along with Aleksa Bećić.

“It was a meeting of concerned representatives of the party, we had suggestions for things that had to be solved as soon as possible”, Damjanović said.

The meeting

Informal meeting held ten days ago was attended by the Club of representatives, save for Snežana Jonica, and the president himself.

The meeting resulted in asking for Milić’s resignation, due to dissatisfaction with his leading of the party, and his unprincipled behaviour during the negotiations for the Agreement on free and fair elections and Lex Specialis. Milić is at fault for signing the Agreement without fighting for seats in the system of control.

Dissatisfied group thinks that this was a lost opportunity to strengthen the ratings of the party.

“The party was divided two times during Milić’s presidency, financial situation is very bad, and a representative from Bar is governing the party with barely a thousand won votes”, the source from SNP said to Pobjeda.

At the meeting, Milić said that a matter of confidence can be initiated by the Steering Committee, which he later repeated speaking to Pobjeda.


Milić’s resigned tone has behind it logic of political maneuvering – party struggles should be moved to the Committee, where, after the Congress, the President has a clear majority.

The matter of confidence can be initiated by the Committee or at least one third of Congress representatives. The vote of no confidence is accepted if voted for by a majority of representatives.

“In the case of no confidence, or president’s resignation, or disbanding of the Committee, the Congress will be held with the deadline of 60 days since the vote of confidence”, SNP’s Statute states.

Possible: Congress or new divide

Pobjeda’s sources in SNP say that the plan of Milić’s opponents is to get Congress scheduled so the president can be removed. Congress can scheduled by president or the Committee.

Should Milić win the majority in Congress, a new divide in the party is possible.

It would be a third divide in SNP since 2012. First time, the party was left by Predrag Bulatović and Milan Knežević, and two years later, Aleksa Bečić left to form Democratic Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro