SNP decided to join coalition with Lekic and Rakcevic!

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The Socialist People’s Party (SNP) has decided to run in the general elections on 16 October in a coalition with Miodrag Lekic’s Demos and Zarko Rakcevic’s URA Civic Movement. After six hour long meeting in Podgorica, the party’s main board made the decision, which was confirmed to reporters by SNP leader Srdjan Milic!

“SNP joins the alliance of different parties with one aim. Changes are possible. We all urgently need to free institutions and to have no one above the law”, Milic said.

“I think this is a turning point in the political history of Montenegro”, he added.

Milic did not want to say how many parliament seats SNP will require.

“If you really want changes, be ready to sacrifice. We must prevent the situation in which votes of those who do not want to vote belong to DPS”, he said.

Out of 159 members of the main board, 127 supported the decision on the alliance, 27 were against it and 11 abstained.

Allegedly, the influential member of the party, MP Snezana Jonica, advocated the idea of ​​running in the elections independently. Therefore, reporters wanted to know whether it was true that she would leave SNP.

“We’ll leave in the coming days to see what you’ve learnt”, said Milic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro