SNP Delegation in Moscow: Additional impetus to the development of traditional cooperation

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Vice-Presidents of the Socialist People’s Party, Danijela Pavicevic and Veselin Bakic, took part in the 15th Congress of the All-Russian political party United Russia, which SNP management described as “an additional impetus” to development of the political dialogue and the high-quality, traditional, historically good bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Pavicevic and Bakic met today in Moscow with the President of the Supreme Council of the United Russia, Boris Gryzlov.

Gryzlov, on behalf of the ruling Democratic Party of the Russian Federation, welcomed the SNP delegation at the Congress, which ends today in Moscow.

The Congress of the United Russia is dedicated to the adoption of the pre-election program of the party in the light of the upcoming parliamentary elections in September, and the establishment of the list of candidates for deputies of the Duma.

“The invitation to the delegation of SNP to participate in the work of the 15th Congress of United Russia is a continuation of good cooperation and communication between the two parties”, SNP said adding that their visit to Moscow will be “a good opportunity for a series of bilateral meetings and exchange of views on the current situation, as with colleagues from United Russia, as well as with representatives of a number of other delegations in the region”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro