SNP gets finance and labor and social care, Demos gets internal affairs and agriculture, SDP gets vice president of the government

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All talk about the Agreement on free and fair elections might become functional next Tuesday or Thursday, it was told to CdM from DPS.

According to information from our source, there’s nothing depending on DPS anymore.

„As far as we’re concerned, lex specialis is finished. Opposition has to agree on distribution of 29 positions. Parliament meeting might happen on Tuesday or Thursday”, he said.

And when it comes to distribution of positions, according to CdM’s sources SNP as the biggest party should get ministries of finance nad labor and social care.

Allegedly, Demos will give ministers of internal affairs and agriculture.

New vice president of the government will be from SDP. Dnevne newspaper reported earlier that president of the party, Ranko Krivokapic publicly said that he’s not an option for this position.

URA, supposedly, doesn’t want any of the ministers’ positions.

„The story of Pozitivna Montenegro remains dubious”, said our source and added that their preferences go towards Ministry of agriculture or the Parliament.

Our source confirmed that counter-signature will be a part of lex specialis too. “Two signatures will be necessary within some institutions, agencies and directorates. But not in all of them”, the source confirmed.

CdM wrote earlier about the application of counter-signature, which is basically a veto right.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro