SNP president resigned

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President of the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) Srdjan Milic has resigned from the post.

“I inform the public that I’m resigning as president of the SNP, so that new 25th session of the General Board (GO) in connection with the statement of resignation and making decisions that will define the inner-party procedures regarding eighth Congress of the party, could be scheduled soon,” it was said in Milic’s statement delivered to the media.

Milic thanked the members and supporters of the SNP for, as he said, the privilege and honor to represent them in the past almost 11 years, and wished all citizens of Montenegro luck and health in the years to follow.

He also said in a statement that the GO of the party on today’s session confirmed the coalition agreement for Herceg Novi, with which the city gets a new government with Democrats, the Democratic Front, Novska list and the SDP/URA, in addition to the SNP.

“I emphasize satisfaction with the agreement of the parties on the coalition agreement in Herceg Novi, which made one more city free,” said Milic.

He reminded that the opposition is in power only in those municipalities where the SNP independently carries power, as in Plužine, or in coalition with other opposition parties – Berane, Plav, Kolasin, Budva and Herceg Novi.

“Or it gives minority support, as is the case in Kotor,” Milic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro