SNP supports programof the Choice

Negotiations between civic list The Choice and the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) on the formation of local government in Herceg Novi will continue, said the SNP leader Srdjan Milic after talking to the head of the list, Dusan Radovic Kruso.

After the talks, Milic told reporters that he had previously met with members of the SNP, and that he would also have another meeting with them and that all decisions will be made at the party bodies.

Milic added that he does not like the term “negotiations”, and that these were actually consultations, as negotiations involve “talking about the division of the pie”.

Milic did not want to say if the Choice conditioned SNP by withdrawing the mandates of councilors who had previously resigned the party functions. He said the talks will be resumed before the 7th of January, reports TV Boka.

Radovic said that the main topic of the talks was the support to the Choice program, which Milic gave on behalf of the SNP.

“We did not discuss the mandates,” said Radovic and emphasized that all discussions were in the best interest of the city and citizens.

Radovic added that the Choice is trying to get support to its program from all participants of the local elections in Herceg Novi.

Milic came to the negotiations without local officials, whose resignations were accepted last night at the session of the Municipal Committee of the SNP.

It was agreed that the main board of the SNP would agree in the next 45 days on who will be the new leader of the local SNP in Herceg Novi.

The Choice yesterday began negotiations with the DPS, and afterwards Vice President of that party, Svetozar Marovic said that although it was the first and principled conversation, they have achieved a high agreement on objectives, which creates an optimistic impression for the resumption of talks.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro