SNP to clearly declare on NATO

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Montenegrin Social Democrats believe that proposing of the SNP Resolution which foresees the national referendum on full membership of Montenegro in NATO is hasty, unnecessary and politicized decision.

Vice President of SD Mico Orlandic said that the request of SNP is irrational and impractical, saying that a decision on membership should be brought by MPs as the legitimately elected representatives of the citizens.

According to Orlandic, bearing in mind the fact that NATO will be one of the main topics in the campaign for the October elections in addition to economic topics, the public will clearly know which party supports Atlantic integration of Montenegro and which does not.

“We believe that by voting for a particular party they will knowingly authorize the deputies of this party to vote for, or against membership, but in the Parliament. This decision will be brought by the new Parliament after the elections in October, so this initiative has purely politicized character. Instead, it would be better for the top of the SNP to consolidate and finally express a clear stance of the party on NATO integration to the public of Montenegro,” SD say.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro