SNP will not insist on NATO referendum together with forthcoming elections?

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Socialist People’s Party (SNP) said during the dialogue on the development of lex specialis or the special law to be applied to the agreement on free and fair elections, that they will not insist on the NATO referendum being held together with parliamentary elections, learns Pobjeda daiily.

Daily’s source close to the top of the SNP said this would be party’s contribution to the accelerated work on the adoption of the special law to implement the Agreement.

“SNP won’t insist that the referendum on NATO membership be held in the package with elections on October 9, but will have our ideas, which will be determined at the session of the Central Committee”, the source told Pobjeda.

The clause on holding a referendum along with parliamentary elections was part of the initial SNP’s demands, which were delivered to all opposition parties at the beginning of February.

Participating at the session held on Saturday, SNP agreed the document is “an excellent starting point” and announced to actively participate in the implementation of that Agreement.

SNP basically proposed that the government be formed with just one vice-president, who should be from the ranks of parties that did not vote for confidence in the office of Milo Djukanovic. They also added in their initial document that it is necessary to adopt in the Assembly a legal act on the formation of the new government.

SNP leader, Srdjan Milic, previously said no one participating in the parliamentary dialogue questions whether there’s need for referendum on NATO membership, but only talks about its date, which helped moderate their earlier position on the date of a potential referendum.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro