Sobotka: The Czech Republic is ready to propose Montenegro’s NATO accession protocol to be ratified

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Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka Montenegro’s success in integration and pointed out that he was ready to immediately propose Montenegro’s NATO accession protocol to be ratified.

Within the official visit to the Czech Republic, Montenegrin president Filip Vujanovic met PM Sobotka, the president’s cabinet announced.

Vujanovic expressed his appreciation for the Czech Republic’s strong and continuous support to European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro and the expectation that the Czech government would submit the Montenegro’s accession protocol to NATO and that the Parliament would ratify it immediately after its adoption.

“Good economic cooperation can be significantly improved, particularly in the sphere of tourism and energy as well as the continuation of cooperation in the modernising the railway infrastructure”, said Vujanovic.

He also said organising a business forum on cooperation in the field of tourism between the two countries would be useful.

Sobotka agreed and said that economic cooperation should be improved, noting that the Czech government would fully encourage it.

He stated that the tourist business forum would be useful and that it should be organised as soon as possible. He expressed his willingness to speed up the procedure of harmonising partnership agreement with the company Skoda Praha within the government in order for the Thermal Power Plant (TE) Pljevlja second block construction to begin as soon as possible.

“Montenegro is a good example of the region, which significantly affects the economic stability and development”, Sobotka concluded during the meeting with Vujanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro