Social Democrats to fly solo in the elections

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The Social Democrats (SD) of Montenegro are currently thinking only about independent appearance in the upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled for October 16. This is what Damir Šehović, vice president of the party, said in an interview with Dan daily. The decision is, however, yet to be made official.

“In the past year, since our party was established, we have done more than anyone else managed, in such a short period of time. Two months ago, we formed our central, operational and municipal election headquarters, meaning we began pre-election activities before all other political entities in the country. We are today fully prepared for the elections which will be held in October”, said Šehović.

He added activities of the Social Democrats of Montenegro regarding party infrastructure in all Montenegrin municipalities were, from the very beginning, oriented towards preparation for independent performance in the October elections.

“Besides, at the first electoral test we confronted as a new party, in Tivat, we achieved excellent results and became the second strongest party in this municipality, with just over ten percent. The result we will achieve in the October elections will undoubtedly be just as good”, Šehović noted, adding that there were no talks on possible coalitions, and that social democrats are interested in flying solo.

SD official also said the final decision on the manner of participation in the elections will soon be made by appropriate party organs.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro