Songs about Kosovo and swimming for the Cross

Throughout Montenegro today, on the occasion of the Epiphany, people swam for Holy Cross. In Podgorica, the first who swam to the Cross was c Mirko Kovacevic form Bijelo Polje.

In the event in Podgoricaprocess, 50 boys and one girl participated, who in rainy weather swam in cold water of MoracaRiver, which was previously consecrated by Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral with the clergy. The winner was awarded a cash prize of 300 euros, while all the contestants won certificates. .Before the start of the competition, the competitors sang songs about Kosovo, and also chanted “Kosovo is the heart of Serbia”. Upon arriving at the coast of Moraca River, Metropolitan said that Kosovo is the foundation and heart of Montenegro.

On the occasion of the Epiphany, Metropolitan served the morning service in the Holy Orthodox Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Podgorica.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro