Soon an agreement on the construction of the second block

The final agreement on the construction of the second block of the Thermal power plant (TE) should be achieved these days, said Deputy Prime Minister Vujica Lazovic, adding that he expects all the partners in the project to have an understanding of its significance.

He said that the project should be rounded up to the end, during which the new details will appear. He also expects all the parties to have understanding of the importance of the project and that the finalization will be initiated.

Lazovic said that it was agreed with the A2A to complete the project through special-purpose company, and that this company should be a sort of a guarantee for its implementation, loans and financing resources.

“Czech Export Bank has now requested that Elektroprivreda (EPCG – Electric Power Company) should also be a guarantee, and in order for it to happen we are supposed to have the consent of the A2A. The A2A should try to find consent for this model in the next couple of daya in a direct communication with the Czech Export Bank”, Lazovic said after the signing of the Cooperation Agreement with the Executive Director of Investment and Development Fund Zoran Vukcevic.

The government, he added, gave its approval to EPCG to be the guarantor.

Lazovic said that until late last night they had intensive talks with the EPCG partner, Italian A2A.

“It’s not just one contract and the agreement of one company. We have more subjects in the final of the overall project, i.e. Skoda Praha as the first-ranked bidder for the construction of the second block, Czech Export Bank, which should follow that company in the financing and construction of the facility, and Italian A2A”, said Lazovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro