Soon to be an agreement of temporary employment between Montenegro and BiH

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Signing of the agreement on temporary employment between BiH and Montenegro can be expected soon. The agreement will regulate the position of seasonal workers and it aims to prevent grey economy, said Đorđe Latinović, ambassador of BiH in Podgorica.

He said that BiH is more invested in this agreement than Montenegro, because there are more people from BiH looking for jobs in Montenegro than the other way around.

„Negotiations are underway and are moving in a positive pace, so we can expect the agreement to be signed soon”, Latinović said for Danas, a newspaper from Belgrade.

He reminded that the Minister of Civil Affairs in BiH, Adil Osmanović, spoke with Montenegrin ambassador in BiH Milan Lakić in July of last year, and initiated the negotiations.

There is no precise evidence of workers from BiH in Montenegro, due to no regulations on the matter.

Latinović said that there is a lot of interest for seasonal work, but he has no information on the numbers. Most seasonal workers get work permit, but there are those who work without it.

„We know from our previous experience that there are a few thousand seasonal workers from BiH who go to Montenegro to work“, Latinović said.

Most of them work in tourism or construction.

Latinović said that there were a few cases when BiH nationals had issues working in Montenegro.

„There were mostly problems with not being payed, or bad work conditions. Unfortunately, we had a death case, due to inadequate work protection“, Latinović added.

Montenegro has a quota for work permits for foreign workers, and it used to be around 23 thousand, but this year the number is 12 thousand.

Law on foreigners came to be in April last year, but before it was passed, work permits were handled by Employment Bureau. Now it is done by Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Most seasonal workers in Montenegro come from Serbia, BiH, Kosovo, Macedonia, and a smaller number from Albania, Russia and Ukraine.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro