SPC does not grasp the reality

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that there are certain structures that can not seem to understand the new reality in the country, as is the case with the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC).

“I can perfectly understand that the Church had its stance on political issues and to have them today, but I do not understand when it aggressively imposes and abuses, especially when it manipulates with it during religious services,” Djukanovic said at the forum in Niksic.

According to him, in their opinion the state would have to stay at a distance and not to deal with the regulation of relations with the church, which is a practice of any democratic society.

He pointed out that the interpretation that the SPC is the only possible choice of Orthodox believers in Montenegro, can not be reasonable, because “according to our experience it is not the freedom of religion.”

“You have only one choice, to only go to this church. It’s as though in politics someone tells you you can have your opinion, but you must be a member of the Communist Party. The state and the church should remain separate, but the state must create conditions for every believer to be in church according to his orientation “, he said.

He pointed out that the Montenegrin Orthodox Church “was a constitutional category in 1905” and that now modern Montenegro “does not think it needs to establish churches and determines whether they have canon right, but that leaders of the Serbian Orthodox Church are not right when they, while defending their monopoly, try to blame it to the state. ”

Izvor: RTV Montenegro