Special law is needed to charge debts

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The law, that should define possibilities for rescheduling of tax debt and payment in installments, should finally restore order in paying taxes, put at an equal position all taxpayers and charge debts, said Finance Minister Rasko Konjevic.

He said that the law could be passed in the form of lex specialis and that it would last five years the most. Evading tax payment, except of being legally inadmissible, has a negative impact on competitiveness and creates unequal conditions on the market.

“The proposal is an attempt to make order after years of insufficient tax discipline and attempt to give economic entities last chance to operate in accordance with market rules.”, said Konjevic for Pobjeda.

Total tax debt on 20 June 2016, has been 777,6 million Euros while according to the Tax Administration assessment 236,5 million Euros of it is realistically payable. Konjevic considers that it would the law would not encourage companies to evade paying taxes, but it could finally bring order and equality among taxpayers.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro