Special police team and Interpol looking for Nemanja Medin

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Montenegrin police has formed a special team to look for missing Nemanja Medin. Interpol has issued a search warrant for him as well.

Police Directorate stated that in cooperation with the Prosecution they are taking all legislative measures of searching for Nemanja Medin on local, national and international level. He is from Petrovan, 24 years old. He has gone missing on July 9th 2016.

“All police officials in Montenegro, including border patrols, have been notified about Nemanja’s disappearance, and NCB Interpol Podgorica has issued a warrant for missing persons on an international scale”, they said in PD.

Found car and objects have been sent to Forensic center for expert assessment, and a special team in Bar was formed to look for Nemanja. Police took statements from several citizens so far, who presented useful information on Nemanja’s disappearance.

After he was reported missing, officials of Safety Center of Budva had taken measures and activities in order to assess the facts of his disappearance.

Two motor vehicles have been taken and several locations were searched.

“Several objects that can be connected to his disappearance have been found in these actions. They have all been sent to Forensic center for further assessment”, they said in PD.

Since he was reported missing, police officials have searched the region of Crmnica in cooperation with Safety Centers of Bar and Budva and Medin family.

“Teams from centers from Bar, Budva, Podgorica and Cetinje have been included in the search, along with helicopter unit of MUP and rescue services of Bar and Budva. Medin family and citizens also helped the search. Aside from searching the terrain, float unit of border police has searched the coastal area of Skadar Lake”, they said in PD.

Terrain investigation lead the police to Jabukov do in Virpazar on July 11th, where they found cast foreign registration that seem to have been located in the trunk of Nemanja’s car Renault Megan.

On the day after, they found the burnt Renault Megan approximately one kilometer away from the spot. Facts collected so far suggest that Medin operated the vehicle.

Found objects and traces were sent to Forensic center for further processing. State Prosecutor of High State Prosecution in Podgorica lead the search.

Aside from local and national investigation, NCB Interpol Podgorica has filed an international search for missing persons. Necessary facts were exchanged with international colleagues.

“In order to find Medin, police officials inspected many video recordings from CCTV around Virpazar and Sozina tunnel. Prosecutor asked for video material of roads leading to Podgorica. Phone traffic was inspected in order to determine Medin’s movements”, they said in PD.

Inspector of SC Bar formed a team, with members specialized in crime and other fields, that are taking activities in cooperation with SC Budva and Crime Police.

“On Prosecution’s orders, data is gathered everyday. Anyone with useful information is being questioned. Tenth of citizens have been questioned in relation to Medin’s disappearance”, they said in PD.

Inspectors of SC Bar are in constant contact with Medin family.

“Medin family is being regularly informed of new information and measures taken to find Nemanja, with due respect to their difficult situation. Information shared is within reason, so that the operation details would not be endangered, making the investigation harder. Search for Nemanja Medin continues”, they said in Police Department.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro