Special powers and counter-signature

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Opposition representatives in positions of assistant ministers, managerial positions in public companies and board of directors of business entities where the state is majority owner, will have special powers, the right of the countersignature, as well as full access to all decisions relating to the use of state resources.

That is provided by the working version of the special law on the implementation of the agreement on creation of free and fair elections, in which daily ‘Pobjeda’ had access.

It is assumed that a representative of the opposition who is appointed to the position of assistant manager in the institutions, will have powers in making the concept of co-signatures, concerning the decisions related to the use of state resources and labor-legal relations.

This provision is particularly disputable and will definitely going to be the subject of new disagreements between government and opposition taking into account the fact that this means the possibility of blockage of the enterprise in case of disagreement on important decisions.

The possibility of countersignature is not foreseen by harmonized agreement on free and fair elections but, the possibility of joint decision-making in the part referring to the decisions concerning the use of state resources and labor relations, is mentioned.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro