Special Prosecution: Veljovic is not responsible for the case of “Tin can”

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Former Director of the Police, now secretary of the Council for National Security, Veselin Veljovic, has not misused his official position and caused damage to the state budget of 10.5 million euros, said the Special State Prosecutor’s Office after six months of inquest into the well known case called “Tin can”.

Eight years ago, the brother of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, Aco Djukanovic, signed a contract with the Police – an independent authority at the time – on the basis of which the land at the site of the Tin can (building named so for its “metallic appearance”) should be ceded to him two years later. As this never happened, Aco Djukanovic sued the state in July 2012 and won.

The Police Department planned to build new offices for the sector for emergency situations, the department for documents and information system and its own headquarters, but during the mandate of Ivan Brajovic as interior minister, the new building was rejected for the lack of funds. The contract with Mr. Djukanovic was at the time signed by then Police Director, Veselin Veljovic, who was in office until December 29, 2011. Minister of Internal Affairs at the time of the conclusion of the contract and until June 10, 2009 was Jusuf Kalamperović, and from that date to December 4, 2012 – Ivan Brajovic.

President of the Democrats of Montenegro, Aleksa Becic, and MP Velizar Kaludjerovic argued that Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, Ivan Brajovic, Veselin Veljovic and Jusuf Kalamperović played key roles in this case. SNP deputy Predrag Bulatovic also publicly accused Veljovic, Brajovic and Kalamperovic. Mr Becic submitted his documentation on the case to the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office in January.

“The damage to the state occurred due to non-fulfillment of the obligations established by the contract in which the state promised to dismantle and transport the “tin” facility within 24 months from the date of conclusion of the contract. It is clear that the competent authorities of the country of Montenegro did not fulfill their contractual obligation, but instead, on May 14, 2012, informed the buyer of land (Aco Djukanovic) that they will not be handing him the land that he purchased”, Becic wrote in a letter to the special state prosecutor, Milivoje Katnic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro