Srđan Milić is expecting 70 seats in the Government

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Steering Committee of Socialist People’s Party SNP thinks that SNP should have 35% of Government seats as per the Agreement with the Government, which is 70 seats, including other state institutions and companies, Weeknd Edition of Dnevne Novine daily learns.

The Committee gave a green light for Aleksandar Damjanović becoming Minister of Finances and Radivoje Rašović Minister of Agriculture in the Government of Milo Đukanović, and solved some other dilemmas when it comes to participating in the leadership.

According to unofficial information of Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily, the Committee of SNP reached the minister decision unanimously, but discussed in length the Club of Representatives in the Parliament. Should SNP reach an agreement with other opposition parties, one representative seat will remain empty, and the Chairman of the Club needs to be elected as well.

After the discussion, it was decided that the decision would be reached after the new Government is formed, although the President of SNP Srđan Milić wanted to make all the decisions at once. He is also the most serious candidate for the Chairman position. The representative seat will be discussed at the next session of the Committee because many municipality committees expect that the representative will be from their city. According to the representative’s list from elections in 2012, next in line is Nataša Vuković from Bijelo Polje. However, this does not mean that she will be elected, because all of the candidates for SNP representatives have made resignations, so the Committee can choose anyone from the list regardless of the order.

President of SNP Srđan Milić stated in the beginning of the session that he believes that two minister seats in the Government is the minimum that this party can agree to in negotiations with the signatories of the Agreement. The number of 35% seats, should the rest of the opposition agree to it, means that the SNP will have 70 seats in the Government, state institutions and companies. Remaining political groups, Demos, GP URA and SDP would have 40 seats each. SNP believes this will not be a problem, because they are the party with the strongest Club of Representatives and this number belongs to them.

“Of course, nothing will fail due to one or two seats. We shall reach an agreement if we decide on crucial seats in the Government”, an official of SNP stated to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily anonymously.

According to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily, the next session of the Committee will be held as soon as the new Government is formed. If everything goes according to this party’s plan, Damjanović will resign as a representative, which will create conditions for naming his replacement.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro